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Our fleet of aircraft ensures that you will have the best possible choices when it comes to your training.
We are able to offer students a range of piston and turbine aircraft.

Sikorsky S 300CBi

Sikorsky S300CBi Helicopter Training at G4 Helicopter Academy

The S-300CBi North East Helicopters Sikorsky's forgiving flight characteristics make it the ideal helicopter for flight training. Its ample power reserve, high kinetic energy available in its three-bladed rotor system, its stable, yet responsive handling properties, and its excellent autorotational characteristics all contribute to the S-300CBi helicopter superiority for flight training. Because of the aircraft's stability, student pilots learning in the S-300CBi aircraft achieve solo flight and ratings in 20 to 30 percent fewer hours than the time required in some other training helicopters. This translates to lower costs for the student

General characteristics

• Crew: 1 pilot • Capacity: 2 passengers • Payload: 950 lb (431 kg) • Length: 30 ft 10 in (9.4 m) • Rotor diameter: 26 ft 10 in (8.2 m) • Height: 8 ft 9 in (2.7 m) • Disc area: 565 ft2 (52.8 m2) • Empty weight: 1100 lb (499 kg) • Loaded weight: 2050 lb (930 kg) • Max takeoff weight: 2050 lb (930 kg) • Powerplant: 1× Textron Lycoming HIO-360-D1A 4 cylinder, horizontally opposed,


• Maximum speed: 95 kts (109 mph, 176 km/h) • Cruise speed: 86 kts (99 mph, 159 km/h) • Range: 195 nm (204 miles) • Rate of climb: 750 ft/min (3.82 m/s)

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Information: Wikipedia - Data from International Directiory of Civil Aircraft
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