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We offer a comprehensive Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course that will enable you to enjoy the freedom that only helicopter flight can offer in a safe and rewarding environment. Our unique modular PPL system makes it easy and affordable to achieve your goals.

Private Pilot (Helicopter)

Private Pilot Licence at G4H Academy

Requirements for a Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter) are that the applicant must:

  • be 17 years or older;
  • hold a valid Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate, issued in terms of Part 67;
  • hold at least a valid restricted certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony
  • show evidence of holding a valid Student Pilot Licence or having held, within the previous 60 months, any of the following :
    • a pilot license (helicopter) issued by a contracting state; or
    • a South African Air Force pilot qualification (helicopter); or
    • a Recreational Pilot License issued in terms of Part 62;
  • have successfully completed the training as prescribed in Document SA-CATS-FCL 61 at an approved Part 141 aviation training organization;
  • have passed the theoretical knowledge examination as prescribed in Document SA-CATS-FCL 61.
  • Have completed not less than 50 hours flight time, of which at least 25 hours are dual instruction in helicopters; and at least 15 hours solo flight time, of which 5 hours are cross country flight time;
  • the solo cross country time must include one triangular cross country flight of at least 100 NM, in the course of which 2 full stop landings at 2 different aerodromes away from base must have been made.
  • Have undergone a skills test referred to in regulation 61.04.4.
  • A maximum of 5 hours dual instruction may be accumulated in an approved FSTD.

The minimum requirement in terms of the law for a PPL (H) is: 50 hours of which 15 hours must be solo, including 5 hours cross country flight time. The G4 Helicopter's Training course allows for a total of 60 hours. The final total may, however be more, depending on student ability and the satisfactory completion of the various phases.

Private Pilot Theoretical knowledge exams are to be written online at our inhouse CAA authorized examination centre. The pass rate is 75% for each subject written. Anyone with Standard 6 (Grade 8) maths will be able to pass all the subjects.

Included in each module are all the course material, ground school classes and testing fees.


Introductory lesson Basic aerodynamic principles Module 1 Module 2
Exercise 1 Helicopter familiarization
  • Class II Medical
  • Student Pilot Licence
  • Principles of flight
  • 10 Hours of practical flying
  • Technical and General
  • Human Performance
  • 10 Hours of practical flying
Exercise 2 Preparation before, and actions after flight
Exercise 3 Air experience
Exercise 4 The effects of controls in forward flight Module 3 Module 4
Exercise 5 Attitude and Power Changes
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Planning & Performance
  • 10 Hours of practical flying
  • Navigation
  • 10 Hours of practical flying
Exercise 6 Straight and Level Flight, Climbing and Descending
Exercise 7 Medium Turns
Exercise 8 Basic Hover IGE Module 5 Module 6
Exercise 9 Take-off and Landing
  • Air Law
  • Restricted Radio Telephony Operator's Certificate
  • 10 Hours of practical flying
  • 10 Hours of practical flying
  • PPL Test preparation
  • PPL Test
  • Issue of PPL Licence
Exercise 10 Transitions
Exercise 11 Basic Autorotation
Exercise 12 Settling with power or Vortex Ring State    
Exercise 13 Hover Taxi    
Exercise 14 Circuit Flying Costing Estimate
Exercise 15 Abnormal and Emergency Procedures Click here for a Costing estimate
Exercise 16 First Solo - max 2 circuits What you need to do?
Exercise 17 Consolidation of Skills 1. Register  2. Pay deposit   3. Chest X-Ray    4. Flight Medical (with an approved South African Aviation Medical Examiner)
Exercise 18 Advanced hover IGE / OGE
Exercise 19 Precision transition    
Exercise 20 Steep turns    
Exercise 21 Quick stops and tight circuits    
Exercise 22 Advanced Autorotations    
Exercise 23 Limited power operations    
Exercise 24 Cross wind and down wind transitions    
Exercise 25 Authoritative approaches and landings    
Exercise 26 Power off landings    
Exercise 27 Slope landings and take offs    
Exercise 28 Confined areas    
Exercise 29 Low flying    
Exercise 30 Cross country flying    
Accommodation: Students may take advantage of our live-in student accommodation which is situated a short distance from the flying school.
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