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"If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life." ?    Igor Sikorsky, 1945

Night Flight Rating (Helicopter)

Night Flight training

For the issue of a Night Flight Rating, the applicant must:

  • Hold a valid Pilot's Licence
  • Have undergone 5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction at a Part 141 ATO as prescribed in SA-CATS-FCL 61.
  • Received a minimum of 10 hours instrument instruction, of which 5 hours may be accumulated in an approved FSTD
  • Have satisfactorily completed not less than 5 circuits with 5 take-offs and 5 landings by night as pilot manipulating the controls of the helicopter whilst under dual instruction.
  • Have completed, a dual cross country by night consisting of at least - a total distance of not less than 75 NM in the course of which landings at two different aerodromes away from base are made
  • A maximum of 5 hours instrument time can be credited towards the 10 hour requirement for helicopter pilot if the applicant is the holder of an instrument or night rating on aeroplanes.

Detail of each Practical Exercise

Basic outer-air work
Exercise 1 Straight climb, and leveling off
Exercise 2 Straight and level cruise
Exercise 3 Level medium turns, left and right, through 360".
Exercise 4 Straight descent
Exercise 5 Straight and level at various speeds
Exercise 6 Straight and level with undercarriage position changes (if so equipped)
Exercise 7 Straight climbs, at various speeds, power settings, and rates of climb
Exercise 8 Straight descent, at various speeds, power settings and rates of descent
Exercise 9 Climbing turns
Exercise 10 Descending turns
Advanced outer-air work
Exercise 11 Climb 1000' and turn through 360 ? both in 2 minutes
Exercise 12 Descent 1000' and turn through 360" both in 2 minutes
Exercise 13 GCA?s
Exercise 14 Limited panel (no AH and Altimeter) straight and level
Exercise 15 Turns onto compass headings (without use of DI)
Exercise 16 Max angle of climb take-off
Exercise 17 Limited panel, timed rate 1 turns
Exercise 18 Limited panel recovery from spirals
Exercise 19 Limited panel recovery from unusual attitudes
Exercise 20 Steep turns at 45? bank angle
Use of radio aids
Exercise 21 QDR Interceptions
Exercise 22 QDM Interceptions
Exercise 23 Radial inbound interceptions
Exercise 24 Radial outbound interceptions
Circuit work
Exercise 25 Normal circuit and landings
Exercise 26 Approach without use of PAPI?s
Exercise 27 Landing without use of landing lights
Exercise 28 Circuit without internal lighting (simulated electrical failure)
Exercise 29 Dual night navigation of min 75nm with 2 landings at aerodromes away from base
Exercise 30 Mock test

Costing Estimate

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What you need to do?

1. Register  2. Pay deposit   3. Chest X-Ray    4. Flight Medical (with an approved South African Aviation Medical Examiner)

Accommodation: Students may take advantage of our live-in student accommodation which is situated a short distance from the flying school.
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