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"If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life." ?    Igor Sikorsky, 1945

Grade III Flight Instructor Rating (Helicopter)

Flight Instructor Rating

CAR 61.19.1(1)(2)(3)(4)

An applicant for a Grade III Flight Instructor's rating for helicopter, shall:

  • be the holder of a valid commercial pilot licence (H) or Airline Transport pilot licence (H);
  • have successfully completed 20 hours of flight instructor patter training as prescribed in Document SA-CATS-FCL 61, conducted by a Grade I or II Helicopter Flight Instructor, of which 15 hours must be in a helicopter and 5 hours may be in an approved FSTD
  • have passed the theoretical examination referred to in CAR 61.19.2
  • have successfully completed the appropriate training course as prescribed in Document SA-CATS-FCL 61 with a Part 141 ATO
  • have successfully completed the instructor ground evaluation test as prescribed in Document SA-CATS-FCL 61
  • undergo a skills test referred to in CAR 61.19.4 with a Designated Flight Examiner

Basic Flight

Introductory lesson Basic aerodynamic principles
Exercise 1 Helicopter familiarization
Exercise 2 Preparation before, and actions after flight
Exercise 3 Air experience
Exercise 4 The effects of controls in forward flight
Exercise 5 Attitude and Power Changes
Exercise 6 Straight and Level Flight, Climbing and Descending
Exercise 7 Medium Turns
Exercise 8 Basic Hover IGE
Exercise 9 Take-off and Landing
Exercise 10 Transitions
Exercise 11 Basic Autorotation
Exercise 12 Settling with power or Vortex Ring State
Exercise 13 Hover Taxi
Exercise 14 Circuit Flying
Exercise 15 Abnormal and Emergency Procedures
Exercise 16 First Solo - max 2 circuits
Exercise 17 Consolidation of Skills
Exercise 18 Advanced hover IGE / OGE
Exercise 19 Precision transition
Exercise 20 Steep turns
Exercise 21 Quick stops & tight circuits
Exercise 22 Advanced Autorotations
Exercise 23 Limited power operations
Exercise 24 Cross wind and down wind transitions
Exercise 25 Autorotative approaches and landings
Exercise 26 Power off landings
Exercise 27 Slope landings and take offs
Exercise 28 Confined areas
Exercise 29 Low flying
Exercise 30 Cross country flying
Exercise 31 High altitude familiarization
Exercise 32 Mountain flying

Costing Estimate

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What you need to do?

1. Register  2. Pay deposit   3. Chest X-Ray    4. Flight Medical (with an approved South African Aviation Medical Examiner)

Accommodation: Students may take advantage of our live-in student accommodation which is situated a short distance from the flying school.
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