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Qualify as a Commercial Pilot and turn your passion into a lucrative career.

Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter)

Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter)

Requirements for a Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter) are that the applicant must:

  • be 18 years or older;
  • Hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate issued in terms of Part 67;
  • Hold at least a valid general radiotelephony licence (aeronautical);
  • Hold or having held in the previous 60 months, a valid PPL(H);
  • Have a minimum of 200 hours flight time, which may include 30 hours flight instruction in a helicopter FSTD, including:
    • 100 hours as Pilot in Command;
    • 20 hours of cross country flight time as PIC, including one flight of minimum 150nm, with 2 full stop landings at different points away from base;
  • Have successfully completed the training as prescribed in Document SA-CATS-FCL 61 at an approved Part 141 ATO.
  • Have passed the theoretical knowledge examination as prescribed in Document SA-CATS-FCL 61.
  • Have undergone the skills test referred to in sub-regulation 61.04.4.
Students who choose to follow the route to the commercial pilot's licence are currently required to complete the SACAA syllabus, complete the required minimum flying experience, obtain a class I medical and a General Radio Telephony Operator's Certificate.

Practical Flying CPL

The minimum requirement for a commercial pilot's licence is 200hrs of total flying time of which a minimum of 100hrs must be logged as pilot in command.  Of course the exact breakdown and structure of a student's hour building will depend on the ratings to be completed.  A full time Commercial student should expect to take a minimum of 12 months to complete the Commercial Pilot's Licence from start to finish, however this is again dependant on the student's aptitude and dedication.


Commercial Pilot Licence exercises
Exercise 1 Checklists, Vital actions, and drills Ratings for special purposes:
Exercise 2 Briefings
  • Night rating
  • Instrument rating
  • Flight Instructor's rating (helicopter)
  • Test pilot rating
  • Agricultural pilot rating
  • Helicopter sling load rating
  • Helicopter winch rating
  • Helicopter game or livestock cull rating
Exercise 3 Max Weight Take-offs & Limited Power
Exercise 4 Turns
Exercise 5 Precision Hovering
Exercise 6 Auto Rotations
Exercise 7 Confined Landing
Circuit Training
Exercise 8 Circuits and Landings Career Opportunities:
Exercise 9 Emergencies
  • Flight Instructor
  • Game Pilot
  • Charter Pilot
  • Fire fighting
  • Heli snow ski
  • Long line slinging
  • Offshore oilrigs
  • Tuna spotting
  • EMS rescue pilot
Exercise 10 Quick Stops & Tight Circuits
Exercise 11 Slope Landings & Take-offs
Exercise 12 Other Costing Estimate
Exercise 13 Aviation Law questions Click here for a Costing estimate
Progressive Totals  

What you need to do?

1. Register  2. Pay deposit   3. Chest X-Ray    4. Flight Medical (with an approved South African Aviation Medical Examiner)

Accommodation: Students may take advantage of our live-in student accommodation which is situated a short distance from the flying school.
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